How to phase out old campaigns in favor of new PGNs

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How to phase out old campaigns in favor of new PGNs

Objective: Transition from aged campaign gradually to new campaign without turning off old campaigns suddenly



  1. Copy well-performing Keywords over to the new PGN (click here)
  2. Set your desired parameters (click here) –> make sure the PGN is bidding just a bit higher than your aged campaign
  3. Give the PGN about 5 days to start showing and aging
  4. When the PGN starts showing you can gradually decrease bids within your old campaign – day 5 to 10 (5% Bid and Budget daily decrease should be fine)
  5. Then after Day 10 reassess: at this stage PGN is alive and bringing most of impressions/click
    week 2 and 3 (Day 10 to 21) you want to switch camping spend from the old to the new PGN.
    You gradually do this so there is no shock to the system, and you allow Amazon time to associate your SKU with the new set of keywords and build relevancy to your new PGN.
    You can keep doing this at 5% Bid and Budget daily decrease
  6. After Day 21 – review and if everything looks fine then pause the old campaign


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Stefano Starkel

Stefano Starkel

Online Entrepreneur leveraging Google Adwords PPC since 2011 and Amazon Seller across multiple markets since 2014, he’s the strategist and ideator behind Zon Tools engines. He has participated and presented at several high-profile Amazon “PPC” Focused masterminds and events.

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