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The history logs are a new introduction. You will be able to find all the actions that you, our automation is taking on your accounts.

This is the page where we log all the actions that are taken on the campaigns. It doesn’t matter if it’s taken by our automation, or yourself. You have all the actions taken on your campaigns.

On the ad group logs, we’re tracking down all the actions on your ad groups, what has been done, what was before, and what is after. There is the first attempt of filtering which you can fill with log action event, by ad group state, by ad group ID, by campaign ID and then apply a filter on top onward.

On the keyword logs, we track all actions taken on the keyword level. In this case we can know that this keyword,  test, a negative phrase, was recently deleted. And, this keyword which is negative exact was recently added garlic phrase 6 and so on. Also here (Field Search), you can select search criteria.

The same applies to the product logs.

Keyword miner logs. Given the nature of this account which is experimental, keyword miner cannot actually work because the data doesn’t exist. But in a real account, you see all the actions that keyword miner has taken-all the custom search terms that have been found and put back into the system. It tells you what specific terms have been added to a specific PGN.

The same applies for Term-Inator. 

The last one is the product group logs. On this page, we track all the actions that are taken on the PGN ACoS system. You are able to search by different areas or tabs of a data and apply search fields.

Storefront. If you click on storefront, it links to your Amazon storefront. 

Again, this is the first trial, we want to be transparent. We want to show you this as soon as possible. We are working on making it better, showing better data, showing data which is actually actionable and allowing you a different and easier filtering option.

For now, that’s it.

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