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Click Add New, then go to the Negative section of the PGN. As you now see, we allow you guys to select how you want to add the Negative.

Would you like to add the Negative Exact to your PGN’s? Then select the Exact. Or, would you like to add the Negative phrase to your PGN? So, you’re not anymore locked into phrase but we give you the flexibility to choose what negative match you want to add the keywords or the negative keywords to your PGNs.

Please as always, keep in mind that whatever action is taken within the Add New, the PGN pop-up will be applied across all your PGNs. Not all your PGNs will be applied across the ‘banana slicer’ PGN but within all the campaigns. So, we’ll add negatives either in Phrase like in this case or in the exact, to the auto campaign, the broad campaign and the exact campaign.

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