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Do you have active keywords? Check your PGN at KW level to see if you have Keywords and if they are active

Are you receiving impressions but no clicks? Possibly, it’s a poor keyword choice, non-enticing main image, non-optimized title, lack (or bad) reviews or too high pricing

Are you bidding high enough? If you are not receiving impressions, your bids might be too low. Although Bid Gambler will periodically raise your bids chasing the first click, you might speed up the process by increasing your bids manually

Is your Auto Campaign bid too low? If your Auto Campaign ACoS is way higher of your target Max ACoS, we will drop the bid, and sometimes our calculated bid might be too low to gain impressions

  • if this is the case, you can edit “Min Bid” to a value you feel comfortable with. This will set a “floor” so that Auto-Mate will never bid below it.

Are you bidding on the same terms in other campaigns? Amazon algorithm likes history and will prefer to give the impression to an older keyword

Having said this, we have an automation that is specifically designed to periodically raise your bids until you achieve your first click.