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  1. Choose the well-performing KEYWORDS and SEARCH TERMS  from an existing campaign

  2. Bulk select by clicking the checkbox

  3. Click the “Add New” button

  4. Click to open “Launch Interactive Threshold Builder” button to properly assign rules of the PGN

  5. Enter the Product Sale Price, Profit Margin, Expected PPC Profit, Average CPC, Average CR, Number of Keywords

  6. Click on “Apply to See Converted Thresholds” and the rules will auto populate

  7. Enter your products Average Product Rating

  8. Add SKUs (NOTE: One SKU per Line)

  9. Keywords are auto populated

  10. Click “Save New Product Group” button

And here’s how we advice the users on HOW TO HANDLE THE TRANSITION from the old set-up (existing campaigns – without turning off suddenly), to a more automated set up, that is a PGN:

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