With our Enterprise Amazon PPC Automation Engines

Zon.Tools automates Amazon Sponsored Products best practices.

Our Smart Engines are extremely flexible and can adapt to any Amazon advertising strategy or goal.

Solution. Conversion. Revenue.

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Our Proprietary Algorithmic Engines:

KeyWord Guardian™

KWG Engine will make sure that you are not overspending on any keyword, pausing them when they reach a certain spend threshold with no sales.

Additionally, KWG will constantly check your account and pause low performing keywords, as well as re-enabling well-performing ones.

KeyWord Recycler™

KWR Engine is always on the lookout for any low performing keyword that has been paused outside Amazon conversion window and calculate a new, updated optimal bid based on our algorithms.

KWR will test this new keyword/bid pair in a separate set-up for easier result tracking.

KeyWord Miner™

KWM Engine will constantly scan your reports and add any relevant, converting Customer Search Term back into our system. This will organically grow your campaigns in a controlled "100% automated" environment.

This Automation currently works only on our system generated PGNs*

Bid Gambler™

If you are bidding too low, BG will periodically increase the bid until you start getting clicks.

Bid Gambler and Bid Nailer Engines work together to optimize the bid of each keyword in your account.

Bid Nailer™

BN will work constantly toward adjusting bids based on your average cost per click and your strategy.

Bid Nailer and Bid Gambler Engines work together to optimize the bid of each keyword in your account.


TI Engine will constantly scan your reports and negate any bleeding term where needed, improving your Auto, Broad and Phrase campaigns matching capabilities.

This Automation currently works only on our system generated PGNs*


AM engine will efficiently adjust your AUTO Ad Groups bids to help you reach your AcoS goals.

The AM algorithm will calculate and adjust your bid up or down (based on your given thresholds) to help maximize sales all while staying within your AcoS limits.
*PGNs are proprietary Campaign - AdGroup setups that our system generates and fully manages for you in order to leverage the full potential of Amazon Keyword Matching and Sponsored Products API while staying within the keywords limitations Amazon dictates.

Launch Your Campaigns Quickly

Segmented Campaign Set up with just a click

Our Amazon PPC Software will ask you all that is needed for our Engines to perform intelligent actions on your account so to optimize for whatever goal you have (visibility, velocity, profit, or a mix)
You will be able to set up rules and thresholds at Campaign level, Ad Group level or go as granular as setting up custom thresholds for each specific keyword.
  • Easy Set Up
  • Access to Hidden Amazon Data
  • Automate your Current Setup or
  • DFY Amazon PPC Management and Strategy (PGNs*)
  • Full Flexibility and Control Over our Engines












FREE?!?!?! Are you nuts?  ...yes, sure... where is the catch?

In a marketplace that is filled with big, slow companies with overpriced, half-assed products, as well as smaller providers with cheaper offers nonetheless half-assed, and “self-proclaimed guruswith an agenda, pushing products/services not for the value they offer to the community but for the commissions they gobble in, we don’t just want to be different

We want to make a difference!

We believe in the quality, speed, accuracy, granularity, and flexibility of Zon.Tools so much that we want to get EVERY Amazon Seller on board, and what better way to offer a frictionless, 100% risk-free experience?

We are putting our money where our mouth is, and opening the doors to the most evolved Amazon Sponsored Products automation tool on the market, for FREE.

On top of that, we will offer freesuccess calls” where you’ll be able to leverage our experience as sellers, coders and advertisers in order to tweak our tool and your campaigns to reach your goals quicker, faster and easier than anything out there.

...I bet you are still asking: “where is the catch??”

We believe so much in the Value we are offering and will be offering to each and every Seller out there that we will simply ask for donations.
In some of our emails as well as on our back end, you’ll find a button like this:

Although we are not a charity, we know you will appreciate our tool, our 1-on-1 chats and the value you will receive from us.

We believe that you, as a Business owner, will understand that it does take time and money to maintain such a well-oiled system as well as keep developing new rules and new features.

So continue using Zon.Tools for free and donate to support us in our mission to make this software the best Automated Amazon PPC tool on the market.

Key Features

  • Fully Customizable and Granular Rules
  • All US and International Marketplaces
  • Automatic Smart Campaign and Ad Group Creation (PGN)
  • Automatic KW Match Segmentation
  • Handle Large Accounts and Data Sets
  • Thousounds of Campaigns
  • Millions of Keywords and Customer Search Terms
  • Multiple Times a Day Customer Search Term Mining
  • Multiple Times a Day Automated Bid Changes Based On User-Defined Criteria. (Manual and Auto Campaigns)
  • Multiple Times a Day Automatically Pause Keywords based on User-Defined Criteria.
  • Multiple Times a Day Automatically Enable Keywords based on User-Defined Criteria.
  • Multiple Times a Day Automatically Set Bleeding Search Terms to Negative

What Does It Mean For You?

  • Maximize Advertising Sales and Amazon Ads Performance
  • Take Guesswork out of Amazon Pay per Click
  • Create well structured Campaigns on Autopilot
  • Reduce Overall account Acos and Improve Profits
  • Focus More On Growing Your Business
  • Save Hundreds of Hours by Automating Your Amazon Sponsored Ads Campaigns
  • Expand Advertising in other Countries and Languages
  • Leverage Our Profitable Advertising Strategy
  • Hit Your Target Acos with Just a Few Clicks and Increase Amazon Sales
  • Stay Ahead Of The Competition with improved Amazon product ranking

Meet Our Team

Stefano Starkel, CEO
Strategy Designer
"Online Entrepreneur leveraging Google Adwords PPC since 2011 and Amazon Seller across multiple markets since 2014, he's the strategist and ideator behind Zon.Tools engines.

He has participated and presented at several high-profile Amazon "PPC" Focused masterminds"
Tarik Ozkan, CTO
Chief Developer
"Experienced full-stack Software Developer Since 1995, he later got his engineering and scientist degree in 2003. With deep knowledge of advertising management system and experience in developing applications for eCommerce, he joined Zon.Tools project to make it a game changer in the artificial intelligence advertising industry."

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