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This page is for our newly launched ZonTools 2.0. If you have been a customer from before 12 March 2022, please click here to go to your ZonTools 1.0 login website.

The All-in-One Amazon
PPC Platform

Automate your campaigns and boost your sales with the power of ZonTools, the ultimate platform for PPC optimization for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Merch on Demand.

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Launch, Automate, and Scale Profitable PPC Campaigns

Powered by proprietary A.I. technology, ZonTools automatically and continuously optimizes your PPC campaigns, allowing you to grow your sales profitably while freeing up hours of your time.

Quickly & Easily Create Powerful PPC Campaigns

Launch profitable PPC campaigns for your Amazon products, boost sales, and increase your brand exposure.

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Put your PPC on Autopilot with Smart Automation

ZonTools lets you automate your campaigns to free up your time and boost your sales. Ready to get started?”

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Boost Sales & Profits with A.I. Optimization

Powered by proprietary A.I. technology, ZonTools automatically and continuously optimizes your PPC campaigns.

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Annual Customer Sales


Annual Ad Spend Managed

Own The Best Real Estate On Amazon

Maximize your sales by exposing your products to high-intent buyers with Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Product Ads

True All-in-One Platform for All Amazon Sellers

Including Merch by Amazon

- Complete Ads Launch and PPC Optimization for Amazon Seller Central and Merch by Amazon

- Create and manage your PPC campaigns directly from the ZonTools platform

- Leverage the power of our PPC AI Engines to turn your best products into best sellers!

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Own Page One Of Search

With search results advertising

- 82% of purchases occur on page one of search results. With ZonTools, you can land yourself on page one through smart, automated PPC campaigns.

- Maximize your exposure to high-intent
shoppers and boost sales as a result.

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Beat Out the Competition

With in-listing advertising

ZonTools helps you place ads for your products directly on competitor listings, protect your listings with defensive campaigns, and cross-promote your portfolio of products on your own listings.

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The result?

Higher sales and profitability
Greater exposure of your brand
And countless hours of your time saved!

1,000+ customers trust ZonTools.

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Stop Wasting Time and Start Scaling

Automate and optimize your campaigns while growing your sales
and profits with the Streamlined PPC Automation Software for Amazon Sellers